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LiveWell Broomfield (LWB) is housed within Broomfield’s Public Health Division of an integrated Health and Human Services Department (HHS). The HHS integrated model of Public Health and Human Service programs was established in November 2001, as the result of the alignment of a combined City and County function. The integrative service approach is geared towards maximizing community resources to ensure clients and residents receive the services they need to achieve self-sufficiency, provides nurturing care to children, and prevent and protect health citizens and the environment in which they live.

We began with our obvious reachable assets to create a voice and vision of LiveWell Broomfield. Programs integrated within HHS (Child Care, Foster Care, Women, Infants and Children, Tobacco) and other City & County of Broomfield Departments (Open, Space and Trails, Parks and Recreation, Human Resources, Community Development and Transportation) were initial partners who provided the foundation of our program’s work, direction and future partnerships to connect with.        

With three full years of work, LiveWell Broomfield has seen a great amount of success, yet challenges as well. The main challenge has been identified around our community coalition piece which is explained in further detail described in Part 4 of our application. Success has been seen especially this past year with a strong recognition of LiveWell Broomfield and its role in positive changes toward healthy eating and active living.  Bottom line, schools, community organizations, worksites, healthcare providers are inquiring and initiating contact with LiveWell Broomfield for support towards programs and environmental change that promote our very own vision and mission. We continue to add assets, leverage additional resources and expertise, and build on our identity in becoming an initiative our community is reaching for in this epidemic of obesity.          

LiveWell Broomfield has a diverse and efficient staffing model. We use key staff already employed through the public health division such as a Registered Dietitian, Health Educator and Health Promotion Administrator while requesting LiveWell Colorado support a Coordinator and Contract staff.

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