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The Westside Healthy Exercise and Nutrition (WHEN) coalition was formed in 2006 as a partnership within the aforementioned six West Denver neighborhoods with the specific goal of promoting physical activity and healthy eating. This is a partnership of schools, neighborhood associations, parks and recreation, police departments, community and city-wide organizations, universities and city council members. Residents are engaged to support their community-driven strategies to increase physical activity and nutrition. WHEN operates under the larger umbrella of Live Well West Denver (LWWD). LWWD staff engages other Live Well Colorado (LWC) communities within the city of Denver to implement applicable strategies city-wide. LWWD continuously fosters relationships among other organizations by encouraging WHEN coalition partnerships in other LWC communities. Because of the demographic similarity and proximity between LWWD, Live Well Westwood, and Denver Urban Gardens communities, LWWD staff place high value on sharing successes and lessons learned with their coordinators, in addition to group strategic planning that includes these communities as well as LiveWell Park Hill. The WHEN coalition facilitates cross-communication and promotion of all its partners efforts. This also prevents duplication of initiatives and capitalizes on the good work being done throughout West Denver. In 2011, the LiveWell West Denver coalition combined with the LiveWell Westwood coalition to promote programs, leverage resources and prepare for sustainability.

LWWD is currently implementing the active transportation strategy of Safe Routes to School.

Our objectives for 2012 include:

  1. Implementing the Denver Safe Routes to School program in schools located in West Denver;'
  2. Implementing Denver Safe Routes to School policy language in city/agency plans; and
  3. Increasing the number of school crossing guards at schools in LiveWell West Denver neighborhoods.

Contact Information

Tony Barkey, MPH
Injury Prevention Coordinator
Denver Public Health
605 Bannock Street? Denver CO 80204
Office? 303 602 3624


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