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Situated immediately to the northwest of Denver, Wheat Ridge is a suburban community with both an interesting past and an exciting future. Until the 1960’s, the City’s identity was primarily defined by mid to large-scale agricultural production. Orchards and crop fields were the predominant use with pockets of homes and businesses located amongst the agrarian landscape.

Glimpses into the City’s agricultural past can still be found, however Wheat Ridge has experienced substantial population growth and development over the last 40 years and is largely built out with a combination of residential, commercial, and office uses.  The City currently has a population of approximately 31,000 residents.

Since its inception in 2005, LiveWell Wheat Ridge (LWWR) strives to apply science and evidence-based practices to implement sustainable programs, policies and environmental enhancements to support healthy eating and active living to reduce the impact of adult and childhood obesity in Wheat Ridge. Using a coalition approach made up of residents, agencies, school partners, elected officials, representatives from the business sector and the health care system, LiveWell Wheat Ridge supports community-based strategies to create healthier environments for sectors of our community most impacted by poor health.  Jefferson County Public Health serves as the fiscal agent for LiveWell Wheat Ridge.

Contact Information

Ted Heyd, MUP
LiveWell Wheat Ridge Coordinator
Jefferson County Public Health
Phone 303-953-8470

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