Awakening Testimonials

Are you at a healthy weight, overweight, or obese? Reality checks are hard, but you’re not alone. See Tracy, Michael, and SuzAnne’s stories as they take strides toward improved health.

Tracy, Denver

After having her second child, health promotion director Tracy Pineda was surprised to find she couldn't fit into her favorite black pants upon returning to work. Watch as Tracy works to reach her healthy weight for herself, and for her kids. Watch Tracy's before and after videos:

May 25, 2011                                                                    BMI 27: Overweight
July 9, 2012                                                                            BMI 22: Healthy


Michael, Denver

BMI 34: Obese
Denver tattoo artist Michael Backus wasn't entirely surprised to learn his BMI is in the obese category. But confirming that fact has motivated him to take some definitive steps towards improving his health before his upcoming wedding. Watch Michael's before and after videos:



Suzanne, Parker

BMI 33: Obese
As a busy hairstylist and mother of five, SuzAnne Cortright of Parker is coming to terms with the fact that she's in the obese category. One of her motivations for improving her eating and exercising habits, is to be a stronger role model for her kids. See Suzanne's story:


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