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Food Systems Briefs

The Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development now offers briefs of select scholarly papers

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New Resource for Beginning Farmers

USDA now offers in depth information on conservation, land and capital, and management tools for new farmers

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Farm to Food Bank Study

A new study identifies key barriers to and successful strategies for connecting local farms and food banks

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Food Expenditure Data

Check out this map showing how much each country spends on food per capita

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Food Systems Background
A food system is made up of every process and person that is involved in feeding a community: from farmers growing and harvesting crops to consumers eating and disposing of food.

Federal Farm Bill
The Farm Bill is the most influential piece of legislation affecting the food we grow and the programs that bring food to our plates.

Food and Agriculture Coalitions
Food and agriculture coalitions are multi-stakeholder groups dedicated to strengthening their food system.

Healthy Food Access
Access is an essential first step in empowering consumers to purchase and consume healthy foods.

Community Food Production, Processing and Marketing
More and more people are engaging in their local food system by becoming food producers themselves, or by choosing to purchase more local foods.

Food and Nutrition Education
Nutrition education helps promote lifelong healthy eating habits, and has the potential to reduce the impact of obesity and chronic diseases.

Community Food Assessments
Community food assessments examine a broad range of food-related challenges and triumphs to improve a particular community’s food system.

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