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Food Systems Briefs

The Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development now offers briefs of select scholarly papers

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New Resource for Beginning Farmers

USDA now offers in depth information on conservation, land and capital, and management tools for new farmers

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Farm to Food Bank Study

A new study identifies key barriers to and successful strategies for connecting local farms and food banks

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Food Expenditure Data

Check out this map showing how much each country spends on food per capita

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Food and Nutrition Education

Nutrition education helps promote lifelong healthy eating habits, and has the potential to reduce the impact of obesity and chronic diseases. The development of food habits is complex, but we know that is begins at a very early age.  Nutrition and food education should begin early in life and continue throughout one’s life stages.

Education about healthy eating and the food we eat is provided by a variety of programs throughout the state for families, adults, and children.  Read on for more information on school-based programs, adult and family nutrition education, and programs focused on our food system and where our food comes from.

School-Based Nutrition Education
School-based nutrition education can serve youth in public and private schools.  Most programs are focused on preschool- and elementary- aged children, with a few programs available for high school. This includes the Colorado Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards. Read more.

Community-Based Nutrition Education
Community-based nutrition education is done by peer-groups, non-profits, grocery stores, and even restaurants.  They are often focused on serving low-income families, who are often the most at risk for unhealthy eating habits. Read more.

Food Systems Education
Food systems education is focused on teaching about the bigger picture of how the entire system works.  This can include information on food production, transportation, purchasing, cooking and waste. Read more.

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