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The HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) Cities & Towns Campaign is promoting a menu of policy options that city leaders can adopt to improve their cities’ nutrition and physical activity environments. Input from the Campaign’s Advisory Committee, as well as interviews of municipal leaders across Colorado, directed the Campaign to focus on policies in the areas of active community, healthy food access and workplace wellness. Join the Campaign and position your city/town to be a HEAL leader in Colorado.

  • Active Community

    Municipal land use tools of planning, zoning, and infrastructure investment can have a positive effect on residents’ health.

  • Healthy Food Access

    Cities and towns have powerful planning, economic development, and public relations tools that can be used to attract healthy food to underserved neighborhoods.

  • Healthy Workplace

    Cities and towns can increase opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating for their employees by adopting internal practices and policies that make the healthy choice the easy choice.

  • Sample Resolution

    The HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign Resolution contains model language for declaring your city policy goals in the areas of active communities, access to healthy food, and workplace wellness. It is designed to be tailored to your city.

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