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The HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign provides a variety of resources to help elected officials and city staff develop and implement policies that promote active communities, healthy food access and workplace wellness.

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Grants Available to Host Weigh & Win Kiosks

Weigh and Win is a FREE program for Colorado residents. Through the use of stationary or mobile kiosk units, it incorporates best practices for weight loss and pays participants to achieve a healthy weight. The program is a great asset to a community and a worksite wellness program!

Weigh and Win will be awarding grants to potential community partners who have the desire to implement the program and align strategies in their respective community. Preference will be given to projects that target community outreach and create a resource for underserved and low-income populations. Grant guidelines and application instructions are available here.  Application Deadline: November 7th, 2014 at 5 PM. 

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Archived Webinars 

Municipal Policies that Promote Access to Healthy Food and Healthy Food Systems: A Joint Webinar with the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign (Thursday, August 8, 2013) 

View a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation here. 

The Colorado Municipal League & LiveWell Colorado present a webinar series to promote health in your community. Archived webinars from this series are below. 

Creating a Culture of Wellness in Municipal Workplaces: Moving Beyond the Health Fair & Fun Run (Thursday, June 6, 2013) 


The Small Communities Toolbox: Best Practices and Messages for Healthy Eating and Active Living in Rural and Small Jurisdictions (Tuesday, September 24, 2013)


Enhancing Walking and Biking in Rural and Suburban Cities (Thursday, January 23, 2014)


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