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Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Policy Coalition

The HEAL Policy Coalition is a multi-sector, inclusive convening of organizations and individuals committed to improving health outcomes in Colorado - including the reduction of obesity - through public policy objectives at the state, federal and local levels that promote access to healthy eating and active living. Building on an initial success in 2008 to prohibit soft drink sales in Colorado public schools and the 2011 passage of the physical activity standards for schools, the HEAL Coalition continues to evolve and expand.

The HEAL Coalition provides the opportunity for convergence - multiple fields engaging to share information, develop common strategies and harness our collective influence to advance  healthy eating, active living policy in Colorado. The HEAL Policy Coalition has identified the following four priority areas for its work:   
• School Food (preschool – 12th grade)                                                                  
• Physical Activity and Education (preschool – 12th grade)  
• Active Transportation
• Food Access and Security

LiveWell Colorado is the lead convener working in close collaboration with a steering committee that includes The Colorado Health Foundation, Colorado Children's Campaign and Kaiser Permanente.  Additional, official HEAL Coalition stakeholders include: American Academy of Pediatrics - Colorado Chapter; American Heart Association; Bicycle Colorado; Center for Systems Integration; Children's Hospital Colorado; City and County of Denver Environmental Health; Colorado Academy of Family Physicians; Colorado Action for Healthy Kids; Colorado Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance; Colorado Association of Health Plans; Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment; Colorado Health Care Policy and Financing; Colorado Health Institute; Colorado Legacy Foundation; Colorado Parent-Teachers Association; Colorado Parks and Wildlife; Colorado Public Health Association; Denver Urban Gardens; Governor's Council for Physical Fitness; Healthy Lifestyle La Plata; LiveWell Alamosa; Revolution Foods; Western Dairy Association and WPM Consulting.

The HEAL Coalition meets from 12-1:15pm the 1st Thursday of each month (LiveWell Colorado, 1490 Lafayette Street – first floor conference room). If you are interested in learning more, contact us at advocacy@livewellcolorado.org.

2012 Colorado Legislative Session

The First Regular Session of the Sixty-night General Assembly convened on January 9, 2013 and is scheduled to adjourn on May 8, 2013. The HEAL Policy Coalition tracks state legislation that has an impact on Coloradans’ access to healthy eating and active living. Please note that the bills tracked do not reflect the priorities or positions of any given organization within the HEAL Policy Coalition.

2013 Legislative Tracking Sheet

2012 Legislative Wrap-Up

2011 Legislative Wrap-Up

Federal Advocacy

Although the HEAL Coalition is focused primarily on advocacy at the state-level, we also closely monitor discussions around federal legislation that can impact Coloradans’ access to healthy foods and active communities. In 2012, the HEAL Policy Coalition has been active in tracking the 2012 Farm Bill, the Federal Transportation Bill, the USDA Nutrition Standards for Schools, Healthy Kids from Day One Act and Healthy Kids Outdoors Act. In addition to signing letters urging the Colorado Congressional delegation to include measures that promote healthy eating and active living relevant to these important pieces of legislation, LiveWell Colorado, Colorado Children's Campaign and others have activated their grassroots advocacy groups for support. 

Get Involved!

If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about the HEAL Policy Coalition, please contact advocacy@livewellcolorado.org.

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