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Shepard Nevel

President & CEO

Shepard Nevel is the president and CEO of LiveWell Colorado. In this role, he leads the statewide nonprofit organization in its efforts to reduce and prevent obesity through the advancement of policy, environmental and lifestyle changes that promote he...

Gabriel Guillaume

Vice President of Community Investments

Gabriel Guillaume joined LiveWell Colorado in March 2010 as the vice president of community investments. In this role, he manages the community investment strategy by working with more than 20 communities across the state, collaboratively supporting th...

Lisa Walvoord

Vice President of Policy & Advocacy

As the vice president of policy and advocacy for LiveWell Colorado, Lisa Walvoord leads the policy, marketing and communications functions to inspire and support stakeholders and decision-makers to advance federal, state and local policies that make th...

Venita Robinson Currie

Program Director, LiveWell@School Food Initiative

Venita Robinson Currie joined LiveWell Colorado as program director in May 2010. In this role, she leads the LiveWell@School Food Initiative, equipping school food directors across the state with the culinary, leadership, management and marketing skill...

Julie George

Director, HEAL Cities and Towns Campaign

Julie George joined LiveWell Colorado as the director of the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign in July 2012. In this role, she works closely with municipal officials to help municipalities adopt policies that will improve access to healthy eating and ac...

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