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Help Protect Federal Bike and Pedestrian Funding

February 6, 2012

Posted By:
Maren Stewart, President & CEO

Due to recent Congressional action, LiveWell Colorado is concerned about the future of Colorado’s bike and pedestrian infrastructure, such as safe sidewalks, bike paths and cross walks. These opportunities for physical activity not only affect the health of our citizens, but also the very fabric of Coloradans’ way of life. I am asking you to join our Grassroots Advocacy Power Program (GAPP) now to help make our voices heard.

The Issue and What’s at Stake

LiveWell Colorado is extremely disappointed that last week measures were taken with the proposed House Transportation Bill that, if approved, would repeal the Safe Routes to School program ($3.2 million annually), eliminate funding for Transportation Enhancements ($6.2 million annually) and make other policy changes that take away funding for bicycling, walking and public transit.

Dedicated funding for these programs is critical to developing and maintaining walking and bicycling infrastructure. These community resources and infrastructure are crucial to ensuring Colorado residents can be safe and physically active.

There are countless benefits that these funds have brought to Colorado and our LiveWell Colorado Communities, including projects such as Denver Westwood’s Munroe Elementary Walking Audit and Safety Plan, the installation of the Wheat Ridge Wadsworth Multi-Use Path, Salida’s Ride Right Cycle Safe bicycle safety program for 4th grade students, Loveland’s Walk to School Day, and many more.

How You Can Help

Over the next couple of weeks, LiveWell Colorado will continue to advocate for bicycle and pedestrian funding as the House Bill moves to the floor for full approval and as the Senate restarts consideration of its transportation bill, potentially as early as this week. If you share our concern about losing funding that would support bicycling, walking and active transportation, please join GAPP today.

By joining GAPP – our advocacy network – you will receive alerts about important legislation as well as letter/email templates that will allow you to quickly and easily ask your legislators to take action on important matters such as this.

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