As a very visual person, LiveWell Colorado’s new healthy reminder commercial struck home. I don’t know that I would put my tennis shoes on my Kuerig Coffee Machine each morning, but the message behind the ad is too true (watch below)!

Here are three reminders I use on a daily basis to fit wellness into my lifestyle.

1. No excuse to work out: pack your gym bag.

Convenience is almost always the key to being successful at something. So for me, healthy reminders consist of having my gym bag packed and ready to go. I invested in some extra makeup, travel size refillable bottles for shampoo, conditioner and soap, a hair brush and some other items so I have no excuse to get ready after working out at the gym.


2. No excuse to eat a healthy snack: healthy snacks in plain sight.

Keeping a fresh fruit bowl and nut bowl on my kitchen island makes easy go-to healthy snacks visible and accessible for the whole family. If you are consciously filling these with healthy choices you have no excuse to pick something bad!

3. No excuse to stay healthy while traveling for work: healthy hotels and reusable water bottles.

For most of us, the majority of our day is spent at work. My challenge to stay healthy is a little different than most because I don’t have a regular 9-5 office position. Instead, I travel every week so many of my meals consist of hotel and airport choices or eating out. 

I have balanced this by finding my hotel of choice: Hampton Inn or the Hilton brand. They offer a great free breakfast that has easy and healthy on-the-go choices such as hard boiled eggs, oatmeal, fresh fruit and yogurts.

One of my favorite items that I cannot travel without is my protein shaker bottle. I use it in two ways. First, I always pack a scoop of protein powder in a zip lock bag so that I can mix it with water in my bottle. 

Second, as soon as I am through airport security I go get iced water in my bottle. Staying hydrated is so important, and half the time we are hungry we are actually thirsty, so if my bottle is filled I have no excuse!  Most food vendors at the airport won’t charge you to fill up your bottle so you are saving money, too.

Tips for struggling with healthy changes

Change is hard, and if you are struggling and feeling overwhelmed with trying to get healthy my advice is one step at a time. Don’t try to change too many things all at once. Try committing to adding or changing one thing per week.

For example, the first week commit to drinking the recommended amount of water and investing in a protein shake bottle to make shakes with. You can easily accomplish this in four days with LiveWell’s 4-Day Challenge The Refresher.

The next week, commit to taking the stairs at work (the Smart Moves challenge) and packing your lunch daily. Small steps add up and little changes will become natural once you repeat them more than twice.

If you want to make changes that are going to stick, you really have to change your lifestyle behaviors and commit to the goal that you visualize for yourself.

Originally from England but now living in Thornton, CO, Gemma is a mom of two and a huge health and fitness advocate who trains for and bikes several races each year. Follow her on Pinterest.

What no-excuse tips do you use to stay healthy? Tell me below.