All across our state, Coloradans are becoming savvier about living a healthy lifestyle. But while we're the leanest state in the nation, we still face the challenge of rising obesity rates, especially among our children. 

Last year, our community undertook make major changes in personal health, fueled by the Colorado Get Movin' Challenge and other programs such as LiveWell@Work Month.

What does healthy change look like? We'll let the following Coloradans tell you in their own words.

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  • "I've lost a total of 40 pounds now and I'm still going strong [after the Colorado Get Movin' Challenge]! I love working out now. I just completed my fifth 5K on New Year's Day! My doctors had told me I would never be able to run again again due to my weight, knee and spine injuries. I can run about a half mile straight without having to walk now and it just keeps getting better! Thank you so much for your challenge. It changed my life!" – Courtney, Lakewood, CO
  • "[Through Weigh and Win, a LiveWell Colorado partner] I am happy to say, I have lost 50 pounds and even more important have reduced my BMI. Although I have more weight to lose, I am on the road and heading in the right direction to improve my health and develop a consistent lifestyle of wellness that is no longer a 'period of dieting' but an all-around improved way of life." – Nyree, Aurora, CO
  • "I wear my Get Movin' shirt all the time now as I continue my daily goal of 30 minutes of activity. I have lost 62 pounds, but more important, this time, it's NOT been about the weight. It's been about finding JOY in those 30 minutes. I swim about four times per week at 5:00 a.m. because I love the quiet before the day gets hectic." – Amy, Littleton, CO

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Photo: Courtney and her father at the start of her healthy journey