Is your schedule quickly filling up for the summer? It’s easy to let exercising fall by the wayside when you get busy. Our LiveWell Moms come to the rescue with easy ways to incorporate activity into the everyday.

Who are the LiveWell Moms? A growing community of 1,100+ ambassadors for healthy eating and active living across Colorado, our moms lead by example, often bringing wellness beyond their dinner plates and into their kids' schools and communities.

Here are four of their most recent ideas for healthy activity this summer.

1. Don’t be that "mom by the pool."

Rediscover an activity, like biking, that your entire family can do together rather than staying behind at the pool. Our LiveWell Mom Erika proves that feeling like a kid again is a good incentive for staying active. Read more

2. Get active doing something you love, like gardening!

LiveWell Mom Amanda has three ideas for getting creative with fitness while gardening.

  • Set a time each day to work in the garden. Each day will look different depending on the season.
  • Make it fun! You can have the kids load the weeds up in a toy dump truck and drive them away. Or, have a water fight after you’re finished giving the plants a drink.
  • Have the kids invite their friends over for a play date in the garden. You’ll have more helpers, the kids will enjoy hanging out with their friends, and who knows, you might inspire others to start a garden as well!

3. Take it one step at a time.

LiveWell Mom Tara gives great advice for new runners or those getting back into the sport. Plus, hitting the trail or the track with your kids with a running stroller is one of the best ways to model an active and healthy lifestyle. Read more

4. Remember that exercising is an investment in you and your family.

As LiveWell Mom Mary has discovered, a gym membership or time spent doing your favorite fitness activity goes a long way toward feeling good and being good for those you love. Read more

How do you keep active during the summer? Join our LiveWell Moms community to gain a motivation network and more great ideas for active living.