Editor’s note: This is a guest blog by our LiveWell at Work sponsor Kaiser Permanente Colorado.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day you decide to have a salad instead of a burger for lunch. Tomorrow is the day you take time for you at work. Tomorrow is the day that you become a healthier you. Well, tomorrow is today so let’s get started on developing healthy habits now!

It’s easy to make excuses for not being healthy at work. We think we don’t have the time. I‘d like to offer some tips on how you can change your work habits into healthy ones that don’t require any additional time and will actually help you to be more productive!

1. Get up and move.

Sitting down for eight hours can take its toll on our minds and our bodies over time. Try standing up at your desk while taking a conference call or when you’re on hold; take a lap around the office between projects, or go speak to someone in person rather than email or call.  Whatever you do, try to be moving as much as possible.

2. Get rid of unhealthy snacks.

Sugary snacks give you a quick boost of energy but then your blood sugar crashes leaving you tired, hungry and even more likely to make a poor food choice. Replace candy and soda with fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, Greek yogurt or cheese and crackers.

3. Stand and stretch. 

This is also a CaféWell activity you can do to earn prizes! Take 5-10 minutes every couple of hours to get up out of your chair and do some stretches. Yoga – my personal favorite – improves blood flow and makes you feel energized and focused.

4. Get good sleep.

Leave work at the office. If you tend to work before bed, this will help you get to bed sooner! Avoid doing anything in your bedroom that will inhibit sleep, including video games, computer time, or television. Make your bedroom an oasis for relaxation and sleep.

5. Wake up early.

Try not to hit that snooze button 15 times. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier, put some coffee on the night before and think about what you will have for breakfast. Those who rush out the door in the morning rarely have time for breakfast. It really is the most important meal of the day, because you have been fasting, literally, since dinner the night before. You need a boost of calories to rev up your metabolism for the day.

Making small changes now can have a big impact on your health in the future. Start today with some small changes and, once you start to see success, making more changes will be easier. Try something new and healthy today to LiveWell at Work.

Andrea Groth is a Senior Wellness Consultant for Kaiser Permanente Colorado with 18 years of experience in her field.