If you saw me in a restaurant eating a salad, you wouldn't know that 150 pounds  ago I wouldn't have been seen eating in public. Weighing almost 300 pounds it would have been in my car, or my home. Someplace I could eat in private.

I spent three thousand extra at my wedding not to have a buffet so I didn't have to walk up in front of people and get food.

I see a lot of posts (on many websites) about the food, the commercials, the exercise. Folks, if we truly want to fight obesity, it needs to be about the behavior. If you don't sit in front of the TV for hours a day, you wouldn't see so many commercials. If you can't go to a fair, or public event and say no to the cotton candy, I have to say it isn't the food causing your issues. I have been there, I know. Almost 7 years later, and 150 lbs lost, I still battle those devilish behaviors.

That commercial isn't making me sneak a bag of chips into my bedroom… That fast food restaurant isn't making me soothe my bad day with fries and a pie.

It's time for adults to start acting as such and to take personal responsibility. There are so many areas where we need to advocate for ourselves. Should we ask vendors to stop making a living because we can't use the word "no"? Should we ask advertisers to send back their paycheck because we have no self control?

Lots to think about. I admit I am not perfect. I also take responsibility for my own choices, actions, thoughts, and feelings.

It's time for parents to start saying "no," and it's time to get educated. Just my opinion.