Before writing this post, I thought I would go out and peruse a couple of stores where I would typically shop for Easter basket goodies. From what I can see, items in the aisles have not changed much. They are loaded with candies and treats in more varieties than ever before.

In years past, my kids’ Easter baskets were similar to what mine was when I was a child, filled with more candy than toys. With the trends of oversized waistlines in adults and children, I have decided, beginning this year and for all years to come, I am making a change. We are switching from filling the baskets with edible goodies, to gifts my kids will enjoy and play with longer than any chocolate egg or marshmallow Peep will last. 

Our baskets this year will be filled with toys for outdoor play. We love being outside and are all looking forward to the warmer days that are soon to come. I plan to include a new set of sandbox toys (pails, shovels, sifters, trucks), water guns and balls to kick around. I also plan to include small packets of vegetable seeds for the kids to plant in our vegetable garden. Along with the seeds will be small watering cans to help keep their seedlings moist as they grow. 

I will share my intentions of healthy Easter baskets with those in the family who like to send or bring my kids goodies. I am letting them know we are not doing candy in Easter baskets anymore and to please look for alternatives, providing them with a few ideas.

We will not, however, forgo Easter egg hunts at home. Eggs can be easily filled with things other than candies. If you must have something to eat in them, as we know old habits are hard to break, Cheerios, fruit snacks and trail mix all easily fit and are smarter alternatives to chocolate and jellybeans.  Also, small erasers, stickers, jelly bracelets and small plastic dinosaurs are all great alternatives to the edibles to fill Easter eggs.  The egg hunts are fun and active, and it is exciting to run everywhere indoors or out searching for eggs.

Some other themes to consider when filling your child’s Easter basket this year include:

  • Sports – balls, bats, hula hoops, jump ropes 
  • Craft Supplies – crayons, markers, paper, glue sticks, stickers 
  • Beach – pails, shovels, funnels 
  • Superhero or Dress-up – capes, crowns, belts, tutus 
  • Garden & Outdoor – bug catchers, magnifying glass, garden tools 
  • Cooking & Baking – kids cooking utensils, apron, kids themed baking pans

I wish everyone a healthy, Happy Easter!  Happy hopping!