I love when I get to meet someone amazing. Even better when they don't only meet my expectations, but exceed them. I was lucky enough to sit down with Nicole DeBoom, Founder of Skirt Sports and found a kindred spirit (I wish)! 

Nicole's enthusiasm for life was abundant the moment I first met her at a local coffee shop. It is apparent she does not need the coffee to keep energized. Nicole is a new mom (her baby girl is a year old), but she has the energy most would pay dearly for. 

Nicole shared with me how Skirt Sports started: She was a professional triathlete. She wanted to look cute and be inspired to get out the door. Her public relations dream — and what kicked off her company – was when she won the Wisconsin Triathlon in her skirt. 

Her business philosophy can ring true for a lot of goals, including personal and professional. Nicole says she uses the "aid station" process, taking each phase of her business one step at a time. (e.g., think of focusing on just getting to that next aid/water station instead of getting overwhelmed by the entire distance to the finish line.) She learned her business acumen by trusting her gut and having a personal board of advisors. 

Now, Skirt Sports has been finding ways to give back their "Runners High" (energy, motivation and thoughts) to women across the country. They have started a "Kick Start" program to partner beginning runners with seasoned runners to offer encouragement, to help address barriers of entry (weight, financial, time management, etc), and give women tools for a life change that includes being more active or even finishing your first 5K. Kick Start offers aDenver/Boulder program that is currently accepting applications for this year through March 25, 2013, and the group also offers a virtual option that is ongoing. 

And, if you are looking for an event to be your motivation, Skirt Sports hosts several 5K's, as well as a 1/2 marathon each summer. Happy Running!