It’s the second month of 2012 and the holidays just won’t quit challenging my commitment to living well!  First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and now Valentine’s Day and I can almost hear the Easter bunny hopping down the bunny trail in the distance!  For many, Valentine’s Day is especially difficult because they have nobody to buy them that box of chocolates… and for others like myself, we have that special someone we just can’t handle the chocolates! 

I think the key to success is practice.   I’m getting a lot just saying “No” during these holidays!  I haven’t always been able to divert from gluttonous situations but having it in the back of my mind has helped me to stop before I go too far.   Every time I let myself cheat, I know that it is going to cost me… and every time I make the healthy choice or am able to avoid a disastrous situation all together I feel triumphant!  It‘s even more motivating to see the pounds slip off each week.   

I’ve lost a total of 22 lbs since October!  I feel more confident, and outgoing … not because I dropped 2 pant sizes, but because I cared about myself enough to get off the couch and make the necessary changes to be the ME that I have always known  I am.  This journey is poised to be an epic one, but I can tell you I’m well on my way, and everyone around me is seeing the success and wanting to join in the fun.

This Valentine’s Day, love those around you and give thanks for having them in your life… but most importantly, never forget to love yourself.  One of my favorite quotes is “Be the HERO of your own story”.  There is no place in my life that this rings more true than with my health.  So many of us give up, and “take a break” from diets and healthy lifestyle changes… but the reality of it all is that the only one you’re giving up on or taking a break from is yourself and your life… don’t do it for anyone else, do it for you!  On February 14th, be your own Valentine!