The summer heat has arrived here in Colorado!  It feels as if it should be mid-July or August with some of the temperatures we are seeing and with the first day of summer being this week, I can’t help but to think about what fun ways the kids and I will stay active and keep cool during the summer ahead. 

With the heat we have been having, we still head outside for many activities.  Before we head outside, we first must play it safe and wear sunscreen.  We play in the shade whenever possible, but there are not many shady parks on our side of town.  I also recommend hats and sunglasses for everyone, though my children will not keep them on.  We always pack plenty of water to drink.  It does not feel good to be dehydrated and kids can get dehydrated quickly, so we drink lots!  Also, our first snacks we reach for are fruits and vegetables as these choices have a higher water content and taste pretty good too. 

We have a few fun ways to keep active and cool during these hot days and we do not have the luxury of having air conditioning.  Most of all what we do when it is hot involves water play.  There are so many different things you can do with water and kids.  Sometimes it is as simple as turning on the sprinkler and let the kids run!  We also fill-up the kiddie pool and splash away.  The kiddie pool also doubles as a bath to prevent getting even dryer skin.  Bring on the bubbles in the pool!  I often ask my son if he wants to water our plants.  He never has refused this chore as he loves to water my flowers and our vegetable garden.  He will usually water himself multiple times as well! The water keeps us cool, it’s fun, and our plants and grass enjoy a little extra drink too.  We have also headed to the beach, waterpark, or indoor pool. 

Another activity is to head to the mall, toy store or any air-conditioned store.  This doubles for me as time to get some errands done while we cool off in the air-conditioned stores and our car.  We walk, play with toys, and shop.  Errands always wear out my children, so we have nice quiet afternoons.  We also will go to indoor play areas and I don’t mean McDonald’s with play-places.  There are many options to choose from where you don’t have the temptation of fast food right there beside the play area.  Our favorite is the Golden Community Center.  We keep cool, we fit in some exercise and the best part is it’s free!  We also will head to one of the many trampoline or bouncy castle places.  Though these are not free, we always keep a bit cooler and get some exercise as well. 

Our last big favorite around the house is popsicles!  They make everyone happy, including mom.  We have the sugar free, calorie free variety, which still taste like a treat, but without the extra calories to worry about during my next workout. 

Keep cool. Have fun. Enjoy your summer!