When given the opportunity to try Driscol’s Berries and Better Whey of Life Greek yogurt, I was all in.  I love both berries and yogurt.  Plus the two together are even better!

I must admit.  Prior to this opportunity, I was already a fan of Driscol’s berries.  They are by far the best available in stores here year round.  I do on occasion buy other brands and am never quite as satisfied as I am with Driscol’s.  My son, Jack, who is 4 years old, is also a fan.  He loves their strawberries and blueberries and could eat them with every meal and snack!  With my continued steps towards my own personal fitness and health goals, I love that strawberries have just 28 calories per cup and blueberries have 82 calories per cup.  I am always satisfied with less than a cup of each.  I don’t think I could eat an entire cup of each for a serving or part of a meal.  They are both good sources of fiber as well, so all the better.  I make it a point to have Driscol’s berries on hand at all times.  They are just that good!

Better Whey of Life Greek Yogurt was also a treat.  Of the few Greek yogurts I have tried, Better Whey of Life Greek Yogurt is right on par with the rest.  I tried the strawberry flavor and was pleased.  It was creamy and had good flavor.  I must admit though I am not a huge fan of Greek yogurts as they are more costly than the more traditional yogurts.  I also have a bit of a sweet tooth, which the traditional yogurts satisfy and the greek yogurts do not as they are not as sweet. Better Whey of Life with a side of strawberries did satisfy my appetite for breakfast with the additional protein in the yogurt kept my appetite at bay for the morning. 

Both Driscol’s berries and Better Whey of Life Greek Yogurt are great choices for a healthy start to my day! 

Full Disclosure: Coupons to try free samples of both Driscol’s berries and Better Whey of Life Yogurt were provided for me in exchange for writing a blog post of my opinion each of the products.