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Why Every Mom Should Cheer for Healthier School Lunches

I was that mom. You know the one. The mom who snubbed the plastic tray and refused to succumb to the whole grain corn dog. I committed to send a perfect balanced lunch in a trendy blue bento. It's okay... Read More

Answering to Ourselves {from the I Sparkle Spa series}

(Editors note: This post is part of the I Sparkle Spa series.) Every day we hold our spouses, children, co-workers, teachers, politicians and neighbors accountable. But how often do we hold ourselves accountable? For example, we tell our children to... Read More

School Food Plays a Key Role in Preventing Childhood Obesity

School districts around the state are taking steps to make sure Colorado’s students are getting the right kind of nutrition for successful learning, a critical focus given September is both National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and the hectic back-to-school season.... Read More

How to Advocate for Healthy School Options

We were reluctant to purchase school lunch. We had packed our children’s lunch through preschool and were not sure if the school would take such care and offer the high quality we had prefer for our children. Like many parents... Read More

It’s Not Too Late to Register for Walk to School Day 2014

It may seem like school just started, but now is the time to begin planning activities for Walk to School Day, which has been scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 8! (You can choose another day in the month to celebrate, if... Read More

8 Tips for Preparing a Safe, Healthy Family Picnic

Packing and hauling heavy, leaking coolers can leave you asking, why is food safety important anyways? But, especially when eating with children, keeping food safe is important for avoiding exposure to life-threatening food borne illnesses. Did You Know? • Bacteria... Read More

Convenience: The Culprit

You, your kids, your family as a whole, are all incredibly busy. I get it and can relate – we all can. Along with kids heading back to school these past few weeks, fall sports and extra-curricular schedules are now... Read More

Youth Driven Healthy Recreation Centers Collective Reaches Its Halfway Mark

Much of what influences an individual’s health happens in their community. Safety, access to healthy foods, space for physical activity and social support—from family and friends—all contribute to our health. Even so, many children are growing up in communities with... Read More

National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month Spotlights Potential For Action in Colorado

Governor John Hickenlooper has proclaimed September to be National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and the Colorado Health Foundation and LiveWell Colorado have joined efforts to bring awareness to and solutions for the issue in Colorado. These organizations work together to connect... Read More

LiveWell Longmont Partnership with Perfect Pea

Looking for a way to make dinnertime less stressful, but healthy and fun? You're in luck! During the month of August, LiveWell Longmont has been partnering with Perfect Pea for a special promotion that is available to everyone for just... Read More