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Farmers Markets: How to Buy Local and Save

Editor's note: This guest blog was provided by our sponsor, Western Dairy Association. Fresh dark greens and bright berries, the smells of roasting peppers and warm pies, free crunchy fruit samples and warm weather can't be beat. Farmers markets offer... Read More

Meet the Mom: Tanya from Edgewater, CO

As many of you may know, I joined the staff of LiveWell Colorado in May as the communications manager. Part of my duties in this role include curating content for the LiveWell Moms blog, managing our Facebook group and creating... Read More

5 Ways to Plan Your Day Around Play

All great moms have a plan. We strategize our calendar and our grocery budget. Why not let this fanatical planning spill into the way we schedule physical activity? I frequently commute across Colorado to visit family along the Front Range.... Read More

5 Essentials for Planning (and Having) a Healthy Day

Having a healthy lifestyle isn't difficult; however, it requires a bit of preparation in order to maintain it on a day to day basis. Many people give up over time because they don't know how to bridge the gap between... Read More

Healthy Fast Food?

Editor's note: This guest blog was provided by our sponsor, Western Dairy Association. You have committed to eating healthy and increasing physical activity, and have had a great week doing so. Then comes your busy weekend. You are out Saturday... Read More

4 Ways to Teach Your Kids Where Food Comes From

I'm sure you could list which of your friends are dog lovers and which prefer cats. And, I'm guessing you know a young girl or two who dream of ponies, Well, I am a chicken person. I have been dying... Read More

9 Ideas for Summer Fun Outdoors with Your Family

I just love summer time in Colorado! There are so many fantastic ways to spend time outdoors with your family being active or just soaking up the sun/environment. Below is a list of some of the things we enjoy doing... Read More

Two Legislative Wins for Healthy Eating and Active Living in Colorado

Two bills that LiveWell Colorado supported during the 2014 legislative session were signed into law today by Governor John Hickenlooper at the State Capitol. These bills promote healthy eating and active living, and support the Governor's initiative to make Colorado... Read More

5 Simple Steps to Bridge the Farm to Table Gap for Kids

When I speak to children about nutrition, I always begin with the same question: Where does your food come from? You can tell a great deal about American food culture from the responses. Typically, the answer is something like, Food... Read More

8 Tips for Creating Satisfying Summer Salads

May is National Salad Month, and what a perfect way to kick off warm weather eating! Salads are a satisfying solution for meals that won't heat up your kitchen. They are also perfectly portable to take picnics, barbecues and even... Read More