What a perfect, healthy, start to kick off the holiday season!  LiveWell Colorado’s “Having a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season” Twitter chat (#HealthyCO) was full of suggestions and inspiration. (If you missed it on Nov. 29, check out the archive here!) There were so many knowledgeable tweet peeps, tons of ideas and prizes, prizes, prizes!!!

Let me share just a few suggestions shared by the group that I loved and plan to incorporate this Holiday Season…

The Question – What are some ideas for setting goals and expectations around the holidays? 
Don't wait until New Years to set that exercise goal. Do it NOW!  Set a goal to be active every day and have a plan in mind before heading out to all the parties.  LiveWell Colorado mentioned the importance of building a plan that fits your lifestyle – Even small changes made decisively can bring great change with time. (More tips are at http://t.co/kQxXlFYZ.) Also, focus on what matters most to you. Love chocolate? Keep it in your diet but take out something else that isn’t as “essential.” And, stick to dark chocolate :). 

The Question – What are some tips for successfully navigating holiday parties while maintaining your healthy habits? 
Moderation and don’t go to the party hungry were the stand outs! Also, bring something healthy to share, so you know there is at least one healthy option. Others suggested filling up on healthy foods like almonds and fruits before heading out.  Also, LiveWell Colorado’s Rally Man recommended starting the day with a healthy high-protein, fiber-rich breakfast, so we’re not as tempted later. (Check out the Rally Man’s breakfast video at http://t.co/VQzhzj9j)   

The Question – What are some ideas for keeping winter workouts fun and fulfilling? 
Try something new like hot yoga, CrossFit, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. Many of the participants were passionate about family activities outdoors in the snow, like building snowmen, sledding or having a snowball fight – fun!!!  We all agreed to get outdoors more – yes, even when it’s cold. Take advantage of those 300 days of sunshine we get here in Colorado, snow or no snow. But for those busy days or when it’s just too dark or chilly, LiveWell Colorado shared some indoor workout tips for busy moms. They suggested this workout to do at home – and it even incorporates the kiddos (or at least their toys) –http://t.co/cXC2mR5n.

Question – What are some healthy gift and party ideas for kids? 
Healthy gifts suggested included new sports gear or Wii Fit games. For party options, try veggie kebobs! Get creative with nutritious holiday treats and have the kids help out. Celebrate the holidays at school by getting kids moving by using party time for extra recess or dance parties.  Check out healthy present and party ideas on LiveWell Colorado’s healthy holiday’s web page at http://t.co/ddD5S5VC. In fact, I found out you can sign up to receive the LiveWell Rally Man’s weekly tools and tips for success while on this page or follow his advice on Facebook.

How can I have any excuses this holiday season with all these ideas?!?  I’d love to hear which ones you may use to stay fit, sane and healthy this holiday!