Recently I came across an article that spoke about the Disney Network’s newest ambitions to combat childhood obesity.  Apparently Disney’s TV and radio stations have decided to pull the plug on helping to promote unhealthy foods and drinks to its young and impressionable viewers.  The network has promised that by 2015 all food and drink advertised will have to be approved by new nutritional guidelines. This comes as a valiant effort on Disney’s part to redeem their last attempt to put a stop to the growing epidemic. 

This story hits close to home, because Disney has called on none other than Colorado’s own Dr. James Hill of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the University of Colorado to co-create these new child specific nutritional guidelines.  Dr. Hill is very supportive of this new initiative.  He has gone on record to say: “This is going to do more for childhood obesity than anything I can think of in recent years.  Disney doesn’t do it unless it’s fun, so they’re combining fun and nutrition. Wow, nobody’s done that.”

I feel that this an admirable attempt by an internationally known brand to take a stand in such a relevant issue facing America and Americans today.  This new development will be a substantial help in getting children to eat healthier foods and make better choices.  Like most, my kids see an ad on TV and it doesn’t matter what it is… if they market it in a desirable way, they want it.  Maybe this new ban will give many of our foes the inspiration they may have needed to make more nutritionally supported products and provide a new and fresh take on the importance of giving the child the opportunity of taking control of their own health.

In true Disney fashion the hero/heroine is facing a seemingly unbeatable opponent in this monstrous battle for our nation’s future… but hell hath no fury like media giant in an epic battle for good.  These developments have thrown me over the moon with excitement that we have another champion in the ring.  Parents can be assured that although changes in our nation regarding this issue have taken some time to sink in and be put in to motion, there is hope.