Ever wonder how milk gets from cow to your glass? On June 19, the mystery was solved as we took a small group of LiveWell Moms and their kids to Cozy Cow Dairy in Windsor, Colo.

Our partner, the Western Dairy Association, arranged the tour of the locally-owned and operated farmstead dairy and creamery, where we saw firsthand all the work that goes into dairy production.

Cozy Cow Dairy has more than 100 cows, of which about 60 are milked two times a day (at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.) each day. Our tour began in the barn where we learned about the father-daughter farm operation, the types of cows that live at the farm as well as the food that the cows eat. Fun fact: Did you know all of Colorado’s dairy farms are family-owned?

LiveWell Moms at Cozy Cow Dairy

Then, the kids got to pet two young calves, as well as a cow that was going on “maternity leave” for two months to give birth. In the milking room, we watched the cows calmly file in, be prepped for milking (a sanitizing dip is used on their udders) and then finally be milked. The actual milking takes about five minutes, but the prep and cleanup takes much longer for a batch of about five cows at a time. All told, the process takes about six hours a day.

Watching cows get milked at Cozy Cow Dairy with LiveWell Moms

We finished the day with a packed lunch picnic, more animal visiting and tractor playtime at the farm. And, of course, milk, cheese curds and even ice cream all made fresh in the Cozy Cow Dairy processing plant. View the rest of the photos on Facebook.

Farm tours are a fantastic way to teach your kids where food comes from and appreciate the people who work hard to feed others. Through our LiveWell Moms program, you can get involved and attend events such as these.

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