What a great message from the LiveWell Rally Man about cutting 100 calories!  Living healthier is really all about making informed choices every day.  And it is about making those small changes in our diets, which can lead to big results over time. 

I love the examples he gives in his new video.  The examples illustrate just how easy it is to eliminate 100 calories in our diets every day.  The message is simple – small changes prevent those unwanted pounds and can also mean big results over time. 

I incorporate a few of those ideas by making smart choices every day for myself and my family.  We easily grill dinner about 90% of the time each and every week even in the winter.  Grilling is so easy and takes minimal time for preparation and cooking and tastes good too.  Also, my son and I have increased how many apples we eat each week, especially now that those yummy Honey Crisp apples are back in stores!

I think so many people believe they have to make big, drastic changes to get results, which can be overwhelming or not sustainable for a long period of time.  But that doesn’t need to be the case – we can make smarter choices and focus on simple, easy changes we can incorporate into our lifestyle and that add up over a lifetime. 

My take home point boils down to this: Everyone who is on the journey to living healthier doesn’t need to make it more difficult than it is.  Easy simple changes, one step at a time, will make the difference in both reaching your goal and preventing any unwanted pounds. 

Looking for exercise ideas? Maybe you need some motivation to save or burn 100 calories more each day? The LiveWell Rally Man, Jamie Atlas, hopes to inspire Coloradans to make healthier choices every day through his new series of motivational videos.