With the Olympics in full swing, our country is cheering on and rallying behind athletes who fill us with inspiration and awe as they accomplish incredible – almost otherworldly – feats. 

The LiveWell Rally Man, the newest member of our team, will continue to motivate us to run that extra mile, swim that extra hundred meters or swap out that soda for water even after our Olympic athletes have won their medals and headed back to the U.S. 

LiveWell Colorado is excited to announce that the LiveWell Rally Man is here to support and encourage you on a daily basis in making healthy choices, finding your motivation and staying on track to meet your healthy goals. As a well-respected personal trainer and former professional athlete, Jamie Atlas, aka Rally Man, is here to be your personal champion and encourage you in making healthy choices. 

To get started, you can subscribe to receive the Rally Man’s weekly tools and tips for success, check out his webpage and “like” him on Facebook. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for your LiveWell Profile to get a move on a customized health experience.

Now, I encourage you to take a minute to meet the LiveWell Rally Man:

As the Rally Man says, “Every day is an opportunity to make healthy choices.”