I cannot believe summer is coming to a close already. We have less than a month before our son returns to preschool. Where did the summer go? I hope you all have enjoyed your fair share of farmers’ markets this summer. We love to go to our Golden Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings. There are always great finds, yummy treats and activities for the family to enjoy.

My son loves to get a taste of what the vendors have to offer. A sample of cherries here, peaches there, a pretzel to dip in some yummy fruity dip – the options are great. Along with his sampling of foods, he loves the puppet shows as do many other kids and parents alike. Golden also has free horse-drawn carriage rides, which are always a hit. Just to be able to pet one of the horses on their soft nose is exciting to a 4-year-old.

Our treats we buy at the market each summer include Olathe corn, squash of different varieties, cherries, cantaloupe, locally made honey, Palisade peaches and much more. The Golden Farmers’ Market has a great variety of foods and other items. It seems to have a few more vendors and grow in size each year.

I always love the variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from at the Golden Farmers’ Market. Also, to have a couple activities for the kids to enjoy makes it more enjoyable for everyone. The bonus to this gem of a small town farmers’ market is once we have made our purchases and had a healthy, yummy treat, we head down the road just one block to Lions Park for some fun play on the swings, slides and in the sand. Or if it is one of those scorching hot days we have had, next door is the library, which is always a treat, too.  

Hope your summer was filled with great farmers’ market treats!