Editor's note: This blog is part of our Father's Day 2013 tribute series, acknowledging the men in our LiveWell Moms' lives. 

Sarah's note: This blog is dedicated to my husband and all of the other dads who never get as much recognition as we know they deserve.

Three weeks ago I gave birth to our third child, a daughter. You were there, of course, supporting me and welcoming her with a bottomless amount of love. After spending the day at the hospital with us, you had to leave to be there for our twin boys, little toddler men whose first words were carefully chosen. Just like my boys, these words were different but the same: “Dada” and “Daddy” respectively.

It is no surprise that adjusting to life with three kids under the age of two hasn’t been easy. While I am beginning to think I suffer from undiagnosed coprolalia, you have shown us more patience than we rightfully deserve. That is why I wanted to write you a “love blog” because this year, a Father’s Day card (even one that plays music and requires extra postage) really isn’t going to suffice.

You are the heart of this crazy operation. You set the tone for everything we do and for how we live. Your influence on us all is remarkable. These pre-summer days with you are filled with walks down city alleys and streets, twins in their stroller and the new baby “worn” on your chest. For hours you play with the boys at every local park in our north Denver neighborhood. You chase them, you catch them, you let them try new things and you hold them when they don’t succeed. The television never gets used.

Our backyard is nearly the urban garden you have wanted for years. You have installed and planted two lovely garden beds that will yield lots of vegetables all summer. You filled chipped terracotta pots with herbs, composted table scraps to create rich soil, and raised three chickens amidst the chaos. You bake us homemade bread, ferment cabbage into kimchi and make dog food from scratch. You find the time amidst chaos to take care of us.

It is this loving, patient influence that gives shape to our family. While your efforts often go unrecognized in our culture without a dollar amount to measure and quantify them, we know what you do is priceless and immeasurable. In exchange, we can only offer a simple and collective “Thank you, Daddy. We love you.”

Sarah M. is a social media marketer and birth doula in training who lives in Denver, CO, with her twin toddlers, husband and newborn.

Photo: Adam Skogen, Sarah's husband, and their newborn