Editor's note: This blog is part of our Father's Day 2013 tribute series, acknowledging the men in our LiveWell Moms' lives.

Let’s face it; dads are like the superhero of the family. They are the ones we go to for really tough jobs, for fixing things, and for making us feel safe and protected. Dads always seem to make things better. In our home, we have a son (and another on the way) who looks up to Dad and thinks he is the greatest thing in the world.

While I am a very proud LiveWell Mom and am certain I have a strong influence on our family’s healthy choices, dad plays a BIG part, too!

With Father’s Day fast approaching, I thought it would be nice to “tip my hat” to dad, our superhero and my son’s best friend, for the many ways he impacts the wellness of our family. 

So here goes…

Dad is a chef! Really. He is a culinary mastermind and creates the best meals I have ever tasted. He went to culinary school and although he is not working in a restaurant anymore, at any gathering with family or friends, he is the one everyone goes to for help with the meal. At home, Dad contributes to the creation of the meal, and allows me to clean it up or add more veggies if I see fit.

Dad is a hard worker. He is always doing something indoors or out. He can be found working on a project for the house, in the yard, or helping a neighbor, friend or family member in need. 

Dad is a very good golfer! He inspires us with his love of the game. We all want to play like he does! 

Dad is an outdoorsman and a lover of this great state of Colorado. Dad plays a big part in why we get outdoors to camp, hike, ski and snowboard. 

Dad is a comedian. He keeps things light and keeps us laughing. He makes me laugh at myself since I have a tendency to take myself too seriously… who me? 

Dad is mindful. He helps us relax and take in the present moment. 

So, hats off to you, dad!  Thank you for all you do to impact the health of our family. You are the best superhero; the kind that looks out for our total well-being. I guess I can only hope one day I will reach superhero status, too. 

Sarah from Highlands Ranch, CO, is an exercise science and nutrition maven and mom who’s passionate about eating nourishing foods and being active every day. Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.

Photo: Sarah, her husband and their son Hunter