Earlier this week, LiveWell Colorado was proud to join our partners from the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, the Colorado Health Foundation, the Governor’s Office, the Colorado Restaurant Association and others for the launch of Healthy Dining in Colorado

Building on Healthy Dining’s nationwide program, this new statewide initiative will help increase the number of Healthy Dining menu choices in Colorado restaurants while also educating and inspiring Coloradans to choose these healthy options.  

At LiveWell Colorado, we are committed to making the healthy choice the easy choice for all Coloradans. Ensuring individuals are armed with the information necessary to choose healthy options when eating outside of the home is an important step toward achieving this goal.

Too often, it is difficult to determine if a menu item is actually healthy. A seemingly healthy Cobb salad might actually be a caloric nightmare, but without additional nutritional information, how would you know?

To provide Coloradans with the tools to select better-for-you options, the program will engage restaurants to offer healthier options by providing them with nutrition expertise and promoting their dietitian-approved Healthy Dining and Kids LiveWell menu choices, which emphasize lean protein, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and unsaturated fats. During the kick-off event, restaurants such as Noodles & Co., Boston Market, Red Robin, Mad Greens and the Summit at the Broadmoor expressed their excitement about being part of this initiative. Likewise, from fast food to fine dining, the ehealth resource tool HealthyDiningFinder.com will empower Coloradans to easily find and enjoy these Healthy Dining-approved and Kids LiveWell choices.  

LiveWell Colorado is excited to be a partner on this initiative to help take a bite out of our state’s obesity epidemic, and we certainly hope you find it to be useful. 

I encourage you to learn more about and use Healthy Dining, the largest ever restaurant industry nutrition initiative with more than 400 restaurant companies participating, spanning 60,000 locations nationwide.