We have a family joke that we should own our own cow with as much milk that my 4-year-old son Logan drinks. So, it was fun to show him where his beloved milk comes from during our tour at Cozy Cow Dairy in Windsor, Colo. 

The tour began in the barn that has been converted into a classroom of sorts. We watched a short video about the story of dairy – from farm to table. We learned that there are a bunch of different dairy cows. This particular dairy has Jersey Cows, the cute ones with big, brown eyes. We got to sample their milk and cheese curds (also known as squeaky cheese, which my daughter now requests on a daily basis – yum!). There were lots of babies in the barn – 2-week-old calves, bunnies and baby chicks. So cute!

Next, we enjoyed touring the milking parlor where we got to see firsthand all the work that that goes into milking the farm's 60+ cows. The family owned and operated farm milks their cows twice a day, 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., and it takes 3 hours each time! The real amazing feat is that a father and his two daughters do all the work. Wow!

The cows were so relaxed and looked happy to come into the parlor – cozy cows indeed. My kids thought it was neat that each cow has a name and each week the family has an "all star" cow that gets its name up on the board for producing the most milk.  Did you know each cow produces seven gallons of nutrient-rich milk each day?

Julie Gabler's family at Cozy Cow Dairy

Next we got to say hi and pet some other animals on the farm – the goats, horse, baby calf were highlights. We enjoyed eating our picnic lunch with the other LiveWell Moms and kids, and playing on the tractor. We ended the tour with a sample of Cozy Cow Ice Cream, which is processed right there on the farm. So good!  We can’t wait to go back when we are in the neighborhood to pick up some more squeaky cheese and see our new friends on the cute, cozy farm.

Thank you to LiveWell Colorado and Western Dairy Association for hosting this tour. We had a great time and learned a lot. It's such a priceless lesson to teach children where their food comes from – farm to table.

Mom of two Julie lives in Arvada, Colo., with her family.