Lazy hot summer days are just perfect for relaxing, sitting and eating far too much; however, a beautiful summer day is also the perfect excuse to get outside with your kids and get moving!  Despite the heat of the days to come, getting my children outside is as important as ever.  Here are some ways that I plan on keeping my two children busy this summer.  They are inexpensive and I encourage all of your to give them a try.

Being a working mom I am lucky that both my daughters’ in-home day care and my sons pre-school offer outside summer activities during the day.  Although the heat can get the best of them at times I know that both providers’ priority is to get the kids outside in the morning, after breakfast, when the day is cooler.  That being said, the afternoons and weekends are left up to me!

My first priority during the summer with the kids is to ensure that we make it out for a walk, bike ride, run etc… after dinner.  I think this is the perfect time because the sun is going down and the day is cooling off.  Having local parks or mini-lakes is a great way to find shade under trees and it allows the kids to burn off their energy by playing on the play sets or just running around.  Sometimes we will take a ball, Frisbee or another game with us for an alternative activity.  We will even pack dinner in a cooler sometimes, its fun for the kids to eat outside whether it be in your yard or at a park away from home.

During the summer we take advantage of the mobile library that comes and parks in the Elementary school parking lot every Thursday afternoon.  I love this idea because it’s within walking distance which provides exercise and it influences the kids to read and expands their interest in books.  If you check out your local library online or pay them a visit, ask if they have a mobile library or an outside book club for kids.

This summer we have enrolled our son in swim lessons. I found out about this through our local city recreational center.  You can either go online or look for the catalog of activities which should come through the mail.  I was pleasantly surprised by the wide selection of activities, the different times for scheduling them around work etc… and most of all how inexpensive they are.  The swim lessons will keep my son busy twice a week for a month, oh, and they will keep me busy too!

Aside from your typical outside summer fun activities it’s a great time to do some cleaning around the house and yard, why not get the kids involved?  I think this is a great way to get kids moving, you can make the chores fun, perhaps playing music and dusting or incorporating throwing a ball around while picking weeds.  Kids love rewards, having them help with chores are a great way for them to make extra money or get a treat like a fruit Popsicle or a trip to the park.

On another note we will also arrange days or overnight stays for our kids to go and stay with their grandparents.  This offers a chance for them to get the grandparents moving and the kids will enjoy a change of scenery!

With all of these ideas I feel confident that we are going to have a lot to do this summer and be quite busy!  I love that each evening my son is literally begging me to go for a walk/run with him.  It lets me know that I have been showing them make good choices for a healthy lifestyle that will hopefully stick with them throughout their lives.