As the story goes, at 2 years old, I started protesting the stroller and would tell my family, “No! I walk!” For the first few trips they brought the stroller, apprehensive I could manage the entire walk, but soon discovered differently. 

I have fond memories of walking to town to do errands with my grandma and great aunt.  Neither of them drove so that’s just what they did. The excitement of the sometimes drastic weather changes, the air, plants and birds throughout the changing seasons and different ways the sun felt on my face are all treasured memories. 

Going for a walk was a favorite evening pastime for my family while growing up.  To me, there’s nothing that beats walking and talking. You just start going and sharing. My husband, three kids (ages 3 – 15) and I continue that tradition.

It cheers you up, let’s you know your neighbors, refreshes your attitude and gives you energy.  You can go slowly or you can go fast.  All you need are some good tennies.  I love watching changes in my neighborhood and still enjoy the air, plants and birds.  My kids will walk with us and ramble on about their day, good or bad.

So, take it from me, go for a walk today!