At LiveWell Colorado, we often promote the concept of “everything in moderation.” While that sentiment works most of the time, the surplus of candy and sweets around Halloween can be really scary.

We believe the best way to moderate the sugar intake during Halloween is to plan ahead and get creative. In addition to the suggestions below, I encourage you to check out fun, healthy Halloween ideas, recipes and tips from the LiveWell Rally Man on our website,

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Halloween Candy Swap

Are you haunted by thoughts of leftover Halloween candy in your office or home? Turn your overflowing candy bowl into a fresh fruit bowl at our Halloween Candy Swap! On November 2, from 11 am to 1 pm, employees can bring down their extra Halloween candy and trade it in for fresh fruit at the Bellco Credit Union location on 16th Street, between Curtis and Champa. On November 3, from 10 am to 1 pm, families can swap their extra Halloween candy for fresh fruit, jump ropes, frisbees and more at the Bellco Credit Union location in Lone Tree, 9220 Park Meadows Dr.

Both days, people can swing by for the candy swap, music, giveaways, and more. “Candy swappers” will also be eligible to win a pair of Justin Bieber concert tickets. Further, candy wrappers will be given to Terracycle, which will use them to make recycled products and donate a portion of the proceeds back to LiveWell Colorado.

I am thrilled that we have this opportunity to partner with Bellco Credit Union and FruitRevival on this fun, engaging initiative to help employees and families take a small – yet important – step toward improving health in the workplace and home.

Trick or Healthy Treats at Home

Are you afraid your house will get egged or TP’d by handing out healthy treats?  If you’re planning on greeting trick-or-treaters this Halloween, be creative and give visiting witches and princesses mini bags of naturally sweetened fruit gummies, dried apple chips or whole wheat animal shaped crackers. Or, better yet, hand out non-food items such as themed stickers, bubbles and temporary tattoos. 

Consider providing your munchkin with a traditional pumpkin carrier or small bag – versus a large pillow case – so it will fill up faster. This allows for the full Halloween experience while limiting the potential number of treats that will eventually end up being eaten by your child (or you!). Also, feed your little ghosts and goblins a healthy, hearty warm meal before they head out for trick or treating so they’re not as tempted to down all the candy on the go. 

Spooktacular Party Ideas

Halloween parties provide a terrific opportunity to add more activity and creativity into the day. For example, a “monster bash” music party will encourage kids to actively showcase their most ghoulish dance moves. Likewise, pumpkin carving contests and Halloween arts and crafts provide fun alternatives to massive candy consumption. These activities easily foster fun without focusing on sugar. Also, consider turning party snacks from frightful to delightful by using healthy ingredients in a fun, festive manner. 

I hope you have a Happy (and healthy) Halloween!