What do you think about when you hear the term, “Greek Yogurt”?  I personally think first of its extra protein values and then of the tangy/tart flavor that hits my taste buds with each bite.  I enjoy it, especially with a packet full of my favorite natural sweetener.  I love to add granola or fruit… and sometimes both!  So, when given the opportunity to try Better Whey of Life’s line of Greek Yogurt, I was all in!

First off, what is whey? Whey is the liquid that is left over after cow’s milk has curdled and strained.  Whey isn’t like most proteins… it contains amino acids your body needs that it can’t manufacture on its own.  Whey has been proven to help maximize the benefits of exercise and is the richest source BCAA’s (Branched-Chain Amino-Acids) which help tone and build lean muscle.  Studies are even beginning to show that it may help with maintaining a healthy blood pressure due to its ACE-inhibiting action which reduces blood vessel constriction.

Now, let’s get to the fun part… was it any good?   I started with the plain flavor.  I chose this one first because it was the one I would be able to use while on my training diet… low sugar and high in protein and fiber.  As for taste, I found it to be comparable to other Greek yogurts I have purchased, that tang was there and it needed a little sweetness.  Also like most Greek Yogurts I have tried the price was a little high for my wallet, but when I need something in my refrigerated arsenal that has a whole lot of protein, fiber and low sugar and low carbs it can’t be beat!  So, I added a packet of natural sweetener to the cup and a little granola and WHAM it was a flavor disco in my mouth!  For me, I think the reason I would chose this brand over other yogurts is its story.  The fledgling company was created by a visionary (Daphne Mazarakis) because she wanted to make something that would help people to live well and inspires them to make healthier choices.  There is heart and passion in this product and I LOVE that… I hope that inspiration is contagious!

My children were up next; Gabriella chose Black Berry Pomegranate and Gabe picked the Strawberry Goji Berry and both were a hit! The kids seemed to get full quicker than usual and for their first taste of Greek Yogurt I have to say that I was surprised they liked it so much.  These flavors have a bit more sugar but didn’t lack any of the nutritional value.  This made me happy, but at the same time the cost was still a little hard to swallow.  As I said before, I don’t mind splurging on a good cup of yogurt… but is it a practical buy for my home? I’m still trying to figure that one out.  Let’s talk again after I’ve completed the OKC ½ marathon at the end of the month because this is going to be my breakfast the morning my feet hit that pavement for my first race back in training since NYC! 

Full disclosure: a coupon for a free sample of Better Whey of Life yogurt was provided to me in exchange for writing a blog post of my opinion on the product.