My daughter has a piggy bank. I throw my change in it. I usually believe that the extra 15 cents won’t really add up to much. But after saving those pennies (nickels, dimes, quarters…), my daughter has saved over $100 and is intending to buy herself an American Girl Doll.

Just like pennies, small choices like cutting a 100 calories from your diet each day or burning 100 calories can add up to a great reward — like my daughter’s doll – when it comes to keeping yourself and your family healthy.

I loved the Rally Man’s ideas on simple ways to cut 100 calories by making simple food choices and substitutes. But, eating is only part of the equation to really LIVING WELL. The other piece is to make movement a part of your life every day. There are many simple and quick ways to burn 100 calories and have fun doing it at the same time!

I came up with a list of a few ways you can burn 100 calories:

  • Play tag with your kids for about 30 minutes
  • Dance for about 25 minutes
  • Take a 30 minute bike ride
  • Walk for about 20 minutes
  • Shoot some hoops for about 20 minutes
  • Go rock climbing for just 10 minutes
  • Jump Rope for about 10 minutes
  • Run a 10 minute mile

I often hear that people don’t have time to work-out, but it can be just as effective to do something for a short time, like 10 minutes several times as day, as it does to block a full hour to go to the gym. Just like Rally Man suggests or pennies saved – you don’t have to make GIANT changes to your life. Take it one “step” at a time.

Looking for exercise ideas? Maybe you need some motivation to save or burn 100 calories more each day? The LiveWell Rally Man, Jamie Atlas, hopes to inspire Coloradans to make healthier choices every day through his new series of motivational videos.