I never fully understood this phrase until the other day when my son and I were riding bikes to school.  We are fortunate enough to live just shy of a ½ mile away from our neighborhood Elementary school where he began full day Kindergarten in August. 

As I was watching my mileage tracker tick along I realized that in 1 week I had ridden just over 5 miles .  The 5 miles were only from riding with my son to school.  Then and there I realized that the short ride to school which I hadn’t thought much of had amounted to an additional 5 miles I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten in that week. 

The point of my story is simply to reach out to all those busy mothers like myself who sometimes struggle to fit it all in.  It proves that even if you only have time to walk for 10 minutes during your lunch break, you choose to take the stairs over the elevator, or if like me you can walk your child to school instead of driving, you are fitting in more than if you weren’t doing it at all. 

I think these days there is a lot of pressure put on us.  Our schedules are jam packed with school, work, after school activities, sports and family events to name a few.  We always seem to think that we need to fit in some big hour plus workout or make a large healthy meal every night.   In reality it might be easier and more effective to squeeze in smaller doses of healthy lifestyle activities and habits. 

Some other ‘little’ things that count could be; always putting grapes, peaches, or apple slices on your children’s plate or in their packed lunch.  Even if it’s only 5 grapes in a baggy instead of processed fruit snacks, it’s 5 more grapes that they otherwise wouldn’t eat.  During a commercial break of your favorite TV show instead of moaning about the length of the commercials, get on the floor and do some sit ups, lunges, jumping jacks or squats.  I bet those commercials will pass by a lot quicker and before you know it during one show you might have done 100 reps!  Instead of thinking you are hungry try drinking a glass of water first, it will help push out your hunger pains and you are getting in extra oz that you need. 

So, in a busy world that certainly isn’t slowing down for any of us, try to re-think the time you are spending doing the things you do every day and re-strategize means of transportation wherever you can.  And remember, it truly is the little things that count.