About 2 months ago I started a new nutritional plan, and in this plan you are supposed to keep a daily journal.  In this journal I’ve been able to keep a record of what myself and my family eats… I can look back and see where we could do better and I can also congratulate the kids on their healthier choices.  I’ve also included the kids more in our meal selections.

I have found by doing this I’m more likely to get them to eat dinner, as opposed to picking at the feast I slaved over  and watching the majority of it go in to the trash as they clear their plates.  With kids, the key is to keep it simple… or at least make it look simple… the more complicated the meal the less they eat.    An analogy I have come up with is this.

READING.  A child learns to read by getting familiar with each letter and learning the sounds and different ways it can be used to make words and a sentence.   This is the same with most children’s taste buds.  Since they are learning, it is easier for them to grasp simple flavor profiles and tastes.  This is the opportunity for us as parents to introduce them to healthy choices.  As they grow, they will have a taste for an arsenal of “the good stuff”.

Something I’ve learned in just this short amount of time is that health is much easier to maintain when you are able to share it with everyone in your immediate circle.  My Grandfather, George Ayala  once told me, you are who you walk with … if this is true than I want everyone in my family walking tall on the path of wellness and I am prepared to do everything in my power to stay on this path for life.