It's going to be a beautiful weekend, so plan to get active with your family. The family that moves together, gets healthy together. Here are some fun ways to take a few moments and get active with your kids. Let’s bond while we burn some calories!

The Balancing Act
Try some different challenges like catching a ball, closing eyes or putting hands on head. Balancing is something that often ends in smiles and giggling, and everyone can get in on it.

Act out a Storybook
Stories about farm animals or jungle creatures are sure to get the kids active and off the couch -especially if you can play act whatever creatures are being written about. Show off your crocodile crawl!

Start with a nice day and add a little chalk and concrete. Space out the squares for the grownups, shrink them for the kiddos. Go backwards and sideways to make the challenge fun!

Slow-Mo Instant Replay
Ever tried running in slow motion? Like, really tried? It's actually kind of hard! See who can re-enact the best sports highlights in your favorite sports.

Walk and Talk
Sometimes the best talking is done while on the move. Whether it's looking for birds, asking which house you like best or noticing other people being active themselves, there's a world of movement and discovery happening outside your door. Go explore!

Also, check out LiveWell Colorado’s Family Fun & Games Pinterest board for other fun, creative activities that will get the entire family moving.

And remember, every day is a chance to make healthy choices!

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