I am one of "those moms."

Yep, the one who finds time to work out every day, even on vacation; spends 20 minutes in the cereal aisle reading labels; and fills her kids' Easter baskets with veggies. I've been the recipient of a few eye rolls, but I know that I'm keeping my family healthy and leading by example.

I think about food… a lot. I love everything about it — growing food in our garden, visiting farms that sell responsibly raised meat, searching for new and healthy recipes, cooking and, of course, eating! And, it looks like I am rubbing off on my kids.

I am proud of my little gardeners, chefs and food critics. Last summer my 4-year-old spent a morning working on the perfect plan to keep birds out of our strawberries. She decided to put her stuffed dinosaur in the plants to keep watch. My 2-year-old likes nothing more than to sit on the counter and help me bake, or in his words, "dump, dump, stir, stir."

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My husband and I talk to our kids about where food comes from and which foods are healthy. We are hoping that these experiences are helping our kids to be connected with their food and make good choices about what to eat.

Exercising makes me happy. When I can combine exercising with being outdoors, it's even better. Running or hiking in a beautiful place is my favorite way to stay fit. Luckily, Colorado has many family-friendly trails, so the little guys are learning to love it, too. But even when we're at home, I try to keep them moving as much as possible. Dance parties are our favorite!

Keeping my family active and healthy does come with a few challenges. How do I explain to well-meaning grandparents that chicken nuggets, French fries, chocolate milk and ice cream is not an ideal meal? And, how do I help my young kids make healthy choices, even when I'm not around?

That's why I am so excited to be a LiveWell Mom. It's great to be a part of a community that shares ideas on such important topics.

How do you live by example to keep your family active, healthy and happy? Share in the comments.

Living in the Colorado Eastern Plains, mom-of-two and food lover Amanda enjoys leading by example to keep her family active and healthy.