Living a healthy lifestyle has been a priority for me the last 20 years through being outdoors, exercising and eating right for my health and to maintain my weight. When I became a mom six years ago, I wanted to make it a priority for us as a family. Each and every day we make sure we get outside to play or do something active. When we can't make it outside, we make up running games to play in the basement to "get the wiggles out."

As a family we love to go bike riding, hike, swim or play at the park. It is not difficult to get us active and the boys see it as part of their life. We watch very little TV which helps. On the weekends it's not "will we get outside?" but "what are we doing outside for our activity?"

It's easy and fun! I love seeing the boys in the yard, playing and wanting to be outside. May our healthy journey continue to be easy as they grow.

Becoming better snackers

Lately I have decided we needed to become better snackers with fewer processed foods and more fruits and vegetables offered and eaten at all times of the day. I wanted to become a LiveWell Mom to share my journey, learn from other moms and hopefully influence families to make healthier choices.

One of my biggest challenges is working around my younger son's allergies.Picking the right foods with some variety for him can be a challenge while still offering many choices for my older son who does not have all the allergies.  

I try very hard to get my boys to eat fruits and vegetables for snacks and at all meals, but they resist or get sick of eating the same things even after introducing things over and over. I keep on trying though and won't give up!

Cutting out my kids’ desserts

Over the past two weeks I have cut out all desserts and it is making a difference. My older son doesn't seem to ask for dessert as much (fewer cravings), reads the packages on products to see the sugar content and is more willing to eat healthier snacks. He now knows dessert is a treat and does not happen very often.  

Desserts before were very low sugar items, but I feel much better now that I have cut it all out at home. We still eat dessert, but it is saved for special occasions. Getting them to eat fruit and veggies is getting easier and they are willing to try more, like jicama, which is wonderful!  I have learned that it all takes time.

One of my next steps will be to work with our elementary school. I'd love to see a garden at the school, healthier foods for parties, a brighter and more inviting cafeteria and better indoor activities when there’s inclement weather.

Educator and stay-at-home-mom of two boys, Julie is on a mission to stay active in Denver with her whole family while advocating for wellness in her school.

Photo: TheKarenD

What small changes have made big differences for your family? Tell me below.