I am thrilled to have recently joined the LiveWell Moms movement! I am "mommy" to my 2-year-old son, Hunter, and wife to my closest friend, Scott.  

Fitness, nutrition and overall wellness have been passions of mine for 15+ years, even driving me to pursue a degree in the field more than six years ago. The road to wellness has not always been smooth, but I have definitely enjoyed the journey and learning so many things along the way. One of the lessons that kept resurfacing was to commit to this lifestyle — as there truly are no quick fixes (at least none that leave you with lifelong results). I feel like I have tried every diet out there along with various exercise programs. The good news is I always lose weight; but to keep it off, the diet (words I steer clear from these days) has to work for your life and your body.  

So, through my trials and errors, I have learned what works for me. There isn’t any magic plan, and it does take work, planning and preparation, but what helps drive me is my desire to be well and to instill healthy habits for my son. The scare of obesity is real for our children, not only in Colorado, but nationwide. Sugar is hidden in everything and is one of the factors linked to the childhood obesity epidemic. My hope is to teach my son early on about the benefits of exercise and nutrition because so many chronic diseases can be prevented by our daily choices.  

I love to make exercise and nutrition fun for Hunter. We are outdoors most days, being active in some way: running with him in the stroller to the park, exploring in our open spaces or walking the dog together. I also try to make grocery shopping a learning experience by talking about the different fruits and vegetables as we shop. We even include him in some meal preparation, making fruit and veggie smoothies, as well as healthy pizzas. Hunter loves to “help,” and I think he absorbs so much more that way. 

Another interesting fact is our little guy has a severe egg allergy. Instead of looking at this as a negative, we can now see all that we have learned from it. We have to read every label, which often deters us from not only foods with egg but also foods with less than ideal ingredients. 

I hope to inspire, but even more so, to be inspired by the many moms and families out there choosing this as their lifestyle and sharing it with their children. In Hunter’s words, "Let’s do it!"