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A Difference In Opinion

If you saw me in a restaurant eating a salad, you wouldn't know that 150 pounds  ago I wouldn't have been seen eating in public. Weighing almost 300 pounds it would have been in my car, or my home. Someplace... Read More

Disney Takes a Stand!

Recently I came across an article that spoke about the Disney Network’s newest ambitions to combat childhood obesity.  Apparently Disney’s TV and radio stations have decided to pull the plug on helping to promote unhealthy foods and drinks to its... Read More

Smarten Up on Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Originally published on the WishFit blog on June 1, 2012 Yesterday, chatting with a mom at the bus stop, we got on the topic of healthy eating, nutrition, and how informed parents really are about what constitutes junk food. She... Read More

Eat your veggies!

I’ve never enjoyed grocery shopping. Period. But the experience became more palatable when I started taking my daughter to wander the produce section and explore the shapes, colors, textures and smells of the fruits, veggies and herbs. We initially started... Read More

Beat the Heat

The summer heat has arrived here in Colorado!  It feels as if it should be mid-July or August with some of the temperatures we are seeing and with the first day of summer being this week, I can’t help but... Read More

Small Strides for Working Moms

Have you ever used the excuse, "I'm just too busy with work and kids to workout, I just don't have time!" Well, I know I sure have many times. It can be really overwhelming trying to squeeze in time for... Read More

The Sugar Conversation: A Shared Responsibility for a Healthier Nation

A few weeks ago, The Walt Disney Co. became the first major media company to ban ads for junk food on its television channels, radio stations and websites; a measure they hope will contribute to the fight against obesity by... Read More

Baseball Strike Outs

Baseball season is coming to a close and so is a lesson in time management!  Trying to eat healthy when you are running from work, to school field trips, to the baseball field is a difficult task. With some great... Read More

Meet the Mom: FearLESS Alli from Fort Morgan, CO

Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable when you are making healthy changes. I remember watching my less-than-toned body during my first Zumba class. Sixty minutes later, I felt really proud for doing something uncomfortable. It takes courage to be the "new... Read More

Creative Ways to Serve Seasonal Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Including fruits and veggies into my families’ daily meals has always been a BIG priority of mine. Growing up in England, every Sunday my mother would cook a traditional ‘Sunday Lunch’ which contained between 3-4 varieties of steamed vegetables. I... Read More