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Healthy, Family-Friendly Vacations: Part 1

School starts in a few weeks, but we still have just enough time to squeeze in one last long weekend before we kick off a new schedule. Lucky for us in Colorado, there are tons of vacation (or staycation) opportunities... Read More

Finding Motivation Through Inspiration

Nearly two years ago, I started my journey to the new and improved, healthy me. I was mainly working on my eating habits and felt that I should get some exercise too. Being the crazy person that I am, I... Read More

Golden Farmers’ Market: A Small Town Gem

I cannot believe summer is coming to a close already. We have less than a month before our son returns to preschool. Where did the summer go? I hope you all have enjoyed your fair share of farmers’ markets this... Read More

Commitment to Creating Healthy Habits

I first began this post citing the reasons we have all heard over the years for the nation’s rise in obesity –  sedentary lifestyles, availability of convenience foods, availability of fast foods, longer commutes and not having enough time to... Read More

Nourishing the Child and Nurturing the Palate

The ubiquitous American grade school cafeteria is a drab place where limp-looking fruits sweetened in syrups are dispensed from tin cans. microwaved pizza is counted as a “vegetable” for the smattering of tomato paste atop the crust, and rubbery nuggets ... Read More

Mise en Place of Life

As summer comes to an end, I can’t help but get excited for the fall.  I am a huge fan of changing leaves, cooler marathon training temps and my return to JWU-Denver’s Adult Continuing Education (ACE) Culinary program. September 8th... Read More

Bombay Bowl: Worth the Trip

The Bombay Bowl is one of Denver’s health conscious quick service dining jewels. You’ll find this independently owned and operated SmartMeal friendly restaurant nestled on a busy corner off 6th and Lincoln in downtown Denver. I had the opportunity to... Read More

Dear Grandma, Let’s Be Food Friends

The tension between moms and grandmas is common. You may already be negotiating differences in discipline. Why do you have to also negotiate food? After this post, I hope you’ll be on the same page nutritionally and only have to... Read More

Kids’ Lunchtime Wishlists

Originally posted on the WishFit Blog on August 29, 2012 School is back in session, and that means many kids are back in the lunch line. Last week I shared some fresh ideas for packed lunches, but what if your... Read More

Feeding Your Activity

Food. It is the stuff of breath and bone and tissue. Amino acids, the foundation of life over the period from primordial existence to the appearance of man, and all the stages of evolution encompassed therein. We are built by... Read More