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Minimize Back to School Stress 4 Ways

Back-to-school time can be as stressful for parents as it is for kids. I believe there are some key strategies to maintaining a healthy back to school balance for everyone in the family. With a few simple changes, you can... Read More

Parenthood: Making Time For Your Own Health and Wellness

Before the birth of my children, I never thought I could harbor such tenderness toward family. I had no idea the power of the emotions that would sweep through me once I became a parent. To say that I love... Read More

The F as in Fat Report: A Reaction

I’ll be the first to admit I’m an optimist. But I’m also a sleepless mom, worried about the future we’re borrowing from our kids. I read the stats in F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future, and the first... Read More

The Beginnings of a School Garden

For almost a year, I have been the parent coordinator of our new school garden and have watched a grassy playground spot become a garden.  In part, I've been absent from my personal blog  this past month, because we have been... Read More

It’s the Little Things that Count

I never fully understood this phrase until the other day when my son and I were riding bikes to school.  We are fortunate enough to live just shy of a ½ mile away from our neighborhood Elementary school where he... Read More

It’s Official–I’m a Soccer Mom

Originally posted on the WishFit Blog on September 24, 2012 I remember when Garrett was about 3 and we were contemplating registering him for his first season of soccer. My sister-in-law, who has three boys, said, "Wait as long as... Read More

Green is the New Black

I have a black thumb. Or, rather, I have two black thumbs. I have killed every plant I’ve ever tried to keep. I’ve managed to kill a cactus AND a fake plant. (I swear, it completely wilted!). And then in... Read More

On The Mend: My Lessons Learned from Surgery

Like many active Coloradans, I take every advantage to get outside and play. I have three bikes hanging in our garage: one for the road, one for the mountains and one for cruising with a toddler. On lazy week nights,... Read More

Mixing it Up

I used to work out with a trainer. I had the perfect combination of a gym near my house, sessions that fit my schedule and an amazing trainer, Marko. Not only was he well-decorated as a master trainer and nutritionist,... Read More

Commercialized in the Classroom

My six year old son hopped off the bus, trotted through the front door, and plopped down on the living room sofa. He opened up his blue backpack, and pulled out a classroom folder, filled with his weekly works. We... Read More