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Mirror, Mirror, Three Feet Tall

I spent the better part of my 20s not owning a full-length mirror. That’s not to say that I’ve always loved my body or that I’ve avoided what it really looks like. I just approach mirrors with the same attitude... Read More

Recipe: Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

While the days are still short and the temps cold, I know it's time for the slow-roasted goodness of Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. The apples add sweetness, and the cayenne provides a touch of heat, while pureeing it in its... Read More

Recipe: Chicken Leek Noodle Soup

I simply love the comfort foods I make during the colder months. The soups, chili, and stews are all so delicious and heart healthy. I have many recipes for each, but as a rule, I always add more vegetables than... Read More

How to Banish Bad Habits and Get Back on Track

It happens to just about everyone on their “getting healthy” journey. Bad habits, once considered banished, creep back in like stealthy saboteurs.  Maybe you “quit” drinking soda, but have found yourself unscrewing the cap of a liter bottle a little... Read More

Meet the Mom: Amy from Denver, CO

I was so excited to find the LiveWell Colorado website and to share in the healthy messages LiveWell Moms are bringing to our communities. I’ll start by sharing a little about me and my family. We moved to Colorado 18... Read More

Anti-Junk, Not Anti-Social

Sometimes we moms are hesitant to say “no” for fear of making things awkward in a relationship. This is especially true with food. We are culturally taught to offer and politely receive food as gifts. When we’re transitioning to a... Read More

Can We Be Happy Without Sugar?

We all want our children to be healthy and happy. But what do we do when we have to choose between the two? I'm referring to the practice of rewarding good behavior, soothing a sick or injured child, or celebrating... Read More

The Sugar Trap

Sugar is everywhere! We see it at every birthday party, school celebration, holiday gathering and even in common foods that one would not necessary be overly suspicious of, such as whole grain bread. Doesn’t it feel like once your children... Read More

Recipe: The Great Salisbury Steak Swap

When it comes to my kids, any meal that is lacking in color, or contains a sauce/gravy that “hides” ingredients, is sure to be a disaster at our table. Anytime there is a sauce/gravy, I tend to leave it on... Read More

Smart Swaps

So you’ve decided you want to eat healthy, you’ve downloaded a bunch of healthy cookbooks on your e-reader, and you’ve cleared out the junk food from your pantry. You’re ready to go, but then you get hungry. And not hungry for... Read More