I have three pairs of jeans. Well… four if you count my “goal jeans” and five if you count my “winter jeans.” And yeah, those names are indicative of their function. My three staple pairs of jeans are the ones that stick with me for my average days, with a wiggle range of about 5-7 lbs. (Whomever thought of adding a little stretch to denim holds a very special place in my heart!) Sometime each August, after a summer of long, sunny days and plenty of outdoor activities, I like to try on my goal jeans. Meanwhile, my winter jeans hang around as a measuring stick on the opposite end of the spectrum, once the school year – and all the other excuses – kick in.

But this year, I’m gonna burn those winter jeans.

First, I have some calories to burn, which is why I was thrilled to watch the new Rally Man videos. Cutting 100 calories whenever I can? Check. In fact, I might put myself on a sticker reward system for making these choices throughout the day. Choosing a Healthy Breakfast (that I actually have time, skills and ambition to prepare)? Check. And to round out this hat trick of video awesomeness, I did an unofficial experiment and discovered the Easy Home Exercises can be completed in 15 minutes or less, depending on how many toys there are to pick up.

So while my summer was filled with fun activities, fresh and amazing food and hours of motivational daylight, I’m not going to curl up and accept cold weather, comfort food, holiday budgeting and elastic waistbands this season. I’m ready to rally, and I think these videos are great reminders of how possible it is to make attainable changes, any time, any place. I invite you to join me, and we’ll show this holiday season what we’re really made of!

Looking for exercise ideas? Maybe you need some motivation to save or burn 100 calories more each day? The LiveWell Rally Man, Jamie Atlas, hopes to inspire Coloradans to make healthier choices every day through his new series of motivational videos.