I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need a little inspiration in my journey to keep fit.

I think it’s useful to look at the justifications we have used to avoid exercise — or to neglect our health – and then to embrace the joy of leading a better life. 

Why might you be putting off the time needed to get fit?

I don’t have the time to exercise. You can fit five minutes of brisk walking into your morning and evening routine and expand from there. You can take your kids to the park, throw your preschooler on your shoulders or do squats while you watch your older children run and play. 

My work demands make exercise impossible. A stressful job can certainly drain your energy and cause your motivation to wane, but exercise has been proven effective at reducing stress and improving focus. You do yourself and your career a favor by making the time to exercise. 

I’m too tired. Exercise will actually energize you. It prepares your mind and body to go into the world and take on the challenges with which you will be confronted. When you don’t get enough exercise, you become lethargic. The hardest part is lacing up your shoes and getting out the door. 

I don’t feel comfortable going to the gym. Everyone at the gym has the same goal: to work out, get fit, be stronger or become healthier. We all start in different places, and we all arrive with different base levels of fitness, but, at the end of the day, we all have a shared objective in being there. Be confident in what you need to do for yourself.

I can’t afford a gym membership. You don’t need to belong to a health club or recreation center to get in a good workout.  The LiveWell Rally man has a wonderful video showing six easy exercises that be accomplished at home, without a gym or special equipment. This short video provides real solutions for time-compressed families. 

Sometimes, common sense strategies for getting fit can provide the inspiration needed to stick with the journey! 

Looking for exercise ideas? Maybe you need some motivation to save or burn 100 calories more each day? The LiveWell Rally Man, Jamie Atlas, hopes to inspire Coloradans to make healthier choices every day through his new series of motivational videos.